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Send message, and we will send you invite.
Send message, and we will send you invite.

- for entrepreneurs;
- for sales professionals;
- for those who communicate with customers;
- for managers;
- for spouses;
- for parents;
- for everyone who cares about the results of communication.

I have a question

- training of negotiation or communication situations in safe conditions; - professional and user supervision;
- pure communication and negotiation experience;
- expert feedback;
- the skill of responsible reflection.

I want to participate

- negotiation or communication experience;
- confidence in any communicative situation
- reflection skill;
- skills beyond the usual pattern;
- effective negotiations and high-quality communication.

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We give experience of interaction for any situation

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How is the training going?

Choosing a role

Feeder, Receiver, Supervisor


Getting to know the rules for each role


Familiarization of participants with their cases


Training of communication or negotiation skills according to cases, according to special rules.


What did you like? What can be done better? Who won?


Individual fixation of the experience gained


Look results in personal dashboard
Simple rules

The opportunity to declare your case

2 minutes to agree on the nuances of the case before training

5 minutes for training

Without pauses

You can't fall out of the case during training.

There are no more rules!!!

Advantages of training in TalkGym

Available to all people, with any level of training

Rapid formation of negotiation and communication experience

Effect after the first training

Available online and offline

Our experts

Amelkov Aleksandr
- founder of the Talk Gym project;
- psychologist;
- business coach;
- more than 20 years in business;
- more than 20 years in sales.

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Gapeev Aleksandr
- psychologist;
- trouble shooter;
- certified mediator;
- hypnotherapist;
- more than 20 years in negotiations and business.

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Mihailova Natalia
- business-coach
- international sales B2B more than 10 years.

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Our customers
Our main idea
We expand the possibilities of each person in interaction. Every person is armed with patterns of behavior, which for the most part he uses unconsciously. Some of them are effective, some are less effective. Based on the experience of trainers and knowledge of psychology (cognitive behavioral approach, humanistic psychology), we form a new experience of interpersonal interaction by: - - activation of awareness in the process of interaction; - immersion of participants in a behavioral experiment; - creating conditions for the formation of new patterns of behavior; - creating conditions for borrowing patterns of behavior of other participants. As a result, all participants of our events form the experience of applying new ways of behavior, which affects both their quality of life and their effectiveness in interpersonal interaction.