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- for entrepreneurs; - for sales professionals; - for those who communicate with customers; - for managers; - for spouses; - for parents; - for everyone who cares about the results of communication.

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- negotiation and communication experience; -confidence in real negotiations; - reflection skills;- skills beyond the usual pattern; - effective negotiations and high-quality communication.
5 negotiation lessons are given for free

The rest of the lessons are provided as a reward in negotiation duels
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How it work?
Based on the cognitive-behavioral approach in psychology, we have developed an environment where participants are immersed in a behavioral experiment and forced to apply new tools that were previously unnecessary. By receiving feedback and practicing, participants improve their variety and quantity of negotiation techniques applied.

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Get acquainted with the rules and choose a role in the negotiation situation

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Our first users
CEO AMK ToolProm Group


I wanted to note the Incredible Atmosphere at the so-called Battles, where you can bring your own scenarios of situations that other TalkGym Participants lose, stunning feedback from Alexander Amelkov and the participants...Special personal thanks to Alexander Gapeev for uncompromising and tough sparring and an outlet, which were for me these meetings on Wednesdays and sometimes fabulous scenarios with unexpected feedback...
Accountant, Freelans


I was in the first and learned a lot for myself and about myself!) Thanks to the negotiations, I realized what I need to work on!)
Head of isales, German Standard


In fac, there is no need for me to fight, for me it's more about keeping fit and sharing experiences with other participants. Well, in English - it's interesting

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