TalkGym is a platform for developing communication and negotiation skills for sales departments, project teams who communicate and negotiate with clients.
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If you communicate a lot and want to achieve better results in your communication, then train with TalkGym. 65% of users feel an improvement in their communication skills after just three hours of training. TalkGym is especially useful for sales departments and project teams who negotiate with clients.
We have prototype, first reveneu, dream team and good plan.

One way or another, all people solve communication problems
Market of online-helping in 2020
Our plan for the first year after launchis 11,000 paying users
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First sales



Q3 2023

First corporate users

Q3 2023

Integrate blockchain technology

Q4 2023

First million dollars

Q3 2024
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Our team

Founder TalkGym

Amelkov Aleksandr

- founder of the Talk Gym project;
- psychologist;
- business coach;
- more than 20 years in business;
- more than 20 years in salesales.
;Co-Founder, CTO

Maxim Belov

- Ph.D;
- great experience in data management and programming
- fan of negotiations


Gapeev Aleksandr

- psychologist;
- trouble shooter;
- certified mediator;
- hypnotherapist;
- more than 20 years in negotiations and business.
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