The TalkGym project is a startup that is developing from what is currently on the market of products for the development of communication and negotiation skills to what will be on this market in the very near future. We work at EdTech and are ready to develop in the WEB 3.0 concept, where students themselves decide what to learn, how much to learn, from whom, for what money.
The problem of communication with people in one way or another concerned every person. And there have always been many ways to solve these problems. The whole science of psychology studies such problems and solves them. Such problems manifest themselves both in everyday life and in situations of particular importance – in sales, in making deals, in negotiations, where the price of communication problems can be very high. That is why companies hire business coaches, build corporate training systems, attract external consultants, special organizations and even leading universities in the world to reduce the risks caused by the peculiarities of communication processes between people. At the same time, consultations, research and training very often do not have an effect on the final result – the number of transactions, wins in negotiations, sales, etc. This is because the transfer of information and even training within the framework of one training does not form an experience. And not everyone can afford to maintain corporate universities that work on the formation of the communicative experience of employees. So the idea of creating the first project from the TalkAbout family – TalkGym, a platform for the formation of communicative and negotiation experience, was born. TalkGym should solve the problem of the complexity of organizing the process of forming negotiation experience by automating the creation of conditions for training, by reducing the cost of a mentor in the experience formation system, through the availability of 24/7 service with the optional presence of a coach. Since 2021, the idea has been discussed in various groups of enthusiasts, and turned into the idea of creating a DAO in the Learn-to-Earn concept, built on the Polygon blockchain, with closed tokenomics based on the value of the product and the value of user participation in the product. In addition, coaches and psychologists were connected to work on TalkGym, a community was created. As a result, the tools of cognitive-behavioral and humanistic psychology appeared in the developed product, with an understandable and effective methodology for the formation of experience. Now TalkGym is a platform for the formation of a communicative and negotiation experience, where the user can work on improving their communication, keep statistics on the success of training, consult with trainers if necessary, receive feedback, buy lessons and independently form values that will help others form a negotiation experience faster, and enable users to earn. The use of blockchain technologies allows users to honestly assess the need for training materials, evaluate the success of training, and the professionalism of the platform's trainers. All this provides motivational incentives for the growth of the user as a communicator negotiator.

TalkGym is part of the Talk About concept, where a variety of skills can be developed using the same technologies. And this is the technology of a communicative experiment. Despite the fact that people are already deciding in one way or another, the concept of developing TalkGym as an automated skill development platform is an innovative solution that has a number of advantages.
We compile technological competencies, coaching experience, marketing initiatives in the team and sell them as a finished product with high added value.

We plan to launch a TGC token, which is a payment unit within the system and a managing token. The first 1000 users of the system will receive 10 tokens as a gift. The first investors are given a discount of 30%. For the approximate launch date of the token and tokenomics, see WP.
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